“Slipstream” Automotive Sculpture

Ferrari Enzo Automotive Sculpture

Ferrari Enzo Automotive Sculpture

“Heritage of Speed” is a Ferrari Testa Rossa automotive sculpture made to 1/4 scale. This unique, “one off” sculpture is my tribute to the pontoon rendered Ferrari Testa Rossa. I tried to create an electrifying expression of emotion and movement through the use of flowing ribbons of aluminum.

All of my automotive sculptures are hand-crafted with the same revered metal working techniques and tools of the legendary coach builders such as ScagliettiVignale, and Figoni & Falaschi. Every automotive sculpture I create is a bespoke, “one-off” hand-formed aluminum expression of the essence of the automobile.  My automotive sculptures often feature legendary icons such as Ferrari, Talbot Lago, Delahaye and Bugatti but I am always eager to approach different marques.

Please enjoy the following build gallery of my 1958 “pontoon fender” Ferrari Testa Rossa automotive sculpture. Entitled “Heritage of Speed”, the Ferrari Testa Rossa has long been one of my favorite designs. I tried to show my passion and appreciation for this gorgeous design through my sculpture. These images offer a behind the scenes glimpse into the process involved to create one of my 1/4 scale hand-formed aluminum automotive sculptures.


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My Process:

All of my sculptures are made using the same techniques and tools as the original Carrozzerias. Each automotive sculpture is painstakingly crafted from hand-formed .050 aluminum shaped over a wooden buck. It is an elegant time honored craft that yields the same hammer marks and patina as the original cars.


The Result:

A truly unique, one-off automotive sculpture that will not be found anywhere else in the world. These bespoke automotive sculptures are created specifically for you and you alone. I personally guarantee they will never be reproduced or duplicated in any way shape, or form. Perfect for the most discerning collector.

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