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Inspired by the Legendary Carrozzerias is the official website of automotive artist Anthony Lauro. The following pages and automotive art galleries within offer a brief glimpse into my automotive art and automotive sculpture. I offer an ever changing variety of automotive themed artwork, sculpture, illustration and design services. Although I create a variety of automotive art, my specialty is 1/4 scale aluminum, hand-formed automotive sculpture.

My automotive sculptures are hand-crafted with the same revered metal working techniques of the legendary coach builders such as ScagliettiVignale, and Figoni & Falaschi. Each automotive sculpture is a bespoke, “one-off” hand-formed aluminum expression of the essence of the automobile.  My automotive sculptures often feature legendary icons such as Ferrari, Talbot Lago, Delahaye and Bugatti but I am always eager to approach different marques.

Each automotive sculpture is made entirely by hand with traditional coachbuilding tools.  It is a tedious, arduous process that takes over one thousand hours per sculpture.  It requires painstaking craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail.  Every single item is fabricated from scratch using time honored traditions.  That includes every little detail right down to the custom formed headlights and bezels!  My automotive sculptures are finished in the same quality, OEM paint used by the factory.  This is protected by several layers of the finest automotive clear coat followed by several hours of machine polishing and hand buffing.

A commissioned automotive sculpture is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Every automotive sculpture I create holds my personal guarantee that they will never be reproduced or recreated, thereby ensuring their rarity. In a time of mass produced art and high volume reproduction pieces these automotive sculptures are truly original works of art.

Now Accepting Private and Corporate Commissions.

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"I first met Anthony Lauro whilst exhibiting my art at The Breakers, Palm Beach for the Cavallino Classic. His work was a breath of fresh air, completely different to any other sculpture that I had come across."

Barry Rowe


I visited his studio whilst he was shaping his first sculpture, “Heritage of Speed”, which features the legendary pontoon fender Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa, and was amazed by his dexterity with the materials to produce what promised to be a truly exciting piece of art.

Keith Bluemel

Author/Ferrari Historian

"Creative and stunning are the thoughts that came to mind the first time I saw Anthony’s beautiful sculptures. He has an uncanny way of capturing just the right angle and is rapidly approaching the top of his field."

Dennis Brown


"Inherently valuable and instantly collectible, the original automotive art and hand-formed aluminum automotive sculptures of Anthony Lauro are responsible and rewarding investments for the most serious automotive fine art collector and enthusiast."

William Kontes

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“If you can dream it, you can do it”

Enzo Ferrari